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Taste of Temptation - dj pag 18 cens by Lairam Taste of Temptation - dj pag 18 cens :iconlairam:Lairam 359 108 Magic Kaito 1412 Foler Icon 2 by kindesrain Magic Kaito 1412 Foler Icon 2 :iconkindesrain:kindesrain 2 0
Something Interesting Has Begun 10
Something Interesting Has Begun.
Chapter Ten: Answers Are Given
Peter was sitting on the leather couch in Loki's ultra modern living room that was connected to his ultra modern kitchen. The teen was feeling extremely awkward as he cleared his throat looking at anything but the Norse God sitting across from him in a leather armchair with a high back looking more like a throne than anything, for his own safety Peter decided not to bring it up.
"So you know for a Norse God you have surprisingly good taste?" Peter said to break the silence that had engulfed the duo.
"Thank you, now are you willing to tell me what happened or will I be forced to use my magic?" He asked a perfect eyebrow.
"Wait a second, Thor said you were stuck here but your magic had been redistricted." Peter interrupted.
"It has only been redistricted, that does not mean that I can not still use traces of my magic." Loki explained slowly like he was talking to a child.
"Huh." Peter murmured storing that tidbit away for fu
:iconfallenqueen-2:fallenqueen-2 8 3
Haywire - Epilogue
Epilogue: Flight
"Aren't you cold?"
He didn't look up. There was no mistaking that accent, though he was surprised that Dexter would come out here, especially at night. The steady wind was pretty cold and humid and it carried the promise of rain later on, but he didn't want to go inside just yet. Going inside would require him to face people and events he just wanted to ignore right now.
Well, some people.
Sitting in his cousin's room in the hospitality wing of DexLabs, he had listened to Kevin and Gwen for over an hour. Kevin had done most of the talking as he disclosed the series of events that had led up to Ben waking up in Medical. An argument, a battle, an explosion had set into motion the chain of events that had hurt Ben, and now continued to hurt him. As far as he could tell, Kevin told him the whole, bitter truth, sparing himself nothing. At first Ben had been incredulous and curious, but as the tale wound on and on and the details intensified, he had fallen silent,
:iconelecktrum:elecktrum 14 29
Vial of the Sunwasp Clan - handmade Pendant by Ganjamira Vial of the Sunwasp Clan - handmade Pendant :iconganjamira:Ganjamira 667 70
DGM Fanfic: Via Dolorosa
Author's Note: Although "Lost Reason" was written entirely to  be a self-contained one-shot, several readers have been clamoring for more of  this story. Because I felt that "Lost Reason" had already run its course, I have  opted to write a new story as a sequel, relatively independent of it, but still  related.
Just as "Lost Reason" was inspired by an Abingdon Boys School song, so is  this one. If you can get your hands on "Via Dolorosa" by Abingdon Boys School, I  highly recommend it. I listened to it a lot while brainstorming and writing this  story.
Setting: Same as "Lost Reason" -- it basically doesn't have  a setting, because I can't quite fit it in. The appearance of Lulubell in the  manga, and then the evolution of the Level Four, has thrown everything into  chaos. Thus, I can only say that this story takes place after the Noah's Ark  storyline, and
:iconsirbartonslady:sirbartonslady 20 4
DGM HP x-over pt 6
Owners: JK Rowling and Hoshino Katsura
FF X-over author: Me (Muahahahaha!)
The Great Hall was already filled when Harry, Ron, Hermione and the exorcist school entered. The two parties moved across the hall to Gryffindor table, while Komui made his way to where the teachers and the goblet of fire rested.
“Who d’you thinks is gonna  be your school champion?” Harry asked the exorcists.
Allen Lenalee and Lavi looked at each other. Or rather, Lenalee and Lavi looked at Allen who looked utterly bemused.
“Allen, it’ll be him,” The two said at the same time. Allen’s face went so weird, no one could help but to laugh.
“Wha-wha-whaTTT????” Allen tried to say, “WHY would it be me????????????”
“Do we have to spell it out for you Allen?” Lenalee asked, and Lavi started on a long list about why Allen should be school champion, most of it, Harry didn’t understand at all, and there were two possibil
:icondrawitall:DrawItAll 26 100
Raised by Noahs: A D.Gray Man Fanfic
All of this made up the white-haired boy's life.
All because of his reddened arm.
All because of that arm, people hated him, called him a 'demon, or 'a devil's child'.
He was barely ten, and had done nothing to deserve this.
Nothing but bear an arm he had been born with.
And he couldn't do a damn thing about it.
He was beaten, whipped, starved, almost burned to death, and much worse, all because of his damned arm.
And he couldn't do a god damned thing about it.
All of his pain, blood and tears, all of it, was in the name of god.
He couldn't understand.
What had he done to deserve this?!
He hadn't done anything!
And yet they tortured him, tried to 'cleanse' him, all in the name of God, to rid the world of this... This monster.
Who could love a monster?
The Earl saw the boy, saw his tears, his cuts, his burns, his marks of pain all across his flesh.
:iconlolkat555:Lolkat555 11 1
Gat Part L
Epilogue: Start a Revolution

The brightly wrapped package was hand-delivered to Six by Sgt. Dearborn when he dropped off the promised information on the disruptor field. Ribbons and bows bedecked the small present and the security officer smiled as he handed it over, enjoying Six's confusion.
"Early Christmas present, sir," said Dearborn. "Morton sends his regards."
Beneath the gaudy holiday trappings was a plain box, and contained inside the box was a device the size of a hand-held video game. It had a screen and a few buttons and little else to recommend it besides a DexLabs logo. Six stared at it, then at Dearborn, raising an eyebrow as he asked,
"Tracker." The sergeant reached over and touched a button. Instantly the screen came to life, showing a small flashing dot on a map. "Van Kleiss has Dexter's glasses. Dexter's glasses have a built-in tracker. We checked the dot's been moving, so the glasses are still in his coat. It'll show up anywhere on the surface of
:iconelecktrum:elecktrum 9 12
Godzilla by AndyFairhurst Godzilla :iconandyfairhurst:AndyFairhurst 1,049 141 Link by AndyFairhurst Link :iconandyfairhurst:AndyFairhurst 535 68
Joker Chapter 3
Lenalee ran through the destroyed Order. The red sky loomed above her as she ran. The wrecked cobble stone pathway crumbled underneath her feet. Her lungs stung with the effort of running; her throat soar from panting. Her short ear length emerald black hair whisked around her face. The back moon smiled insanely down at her. The weight of her depression threatened to crush her.
She wanted to see his face. The face of the person she loved. She wanted to see his lovely white hair, and the smile that could light up the whole room.  
"Allen-kun!" She called as she ran. Tears streamed down her eyes. "Why can't I find you..." She sobbed.
Then, she saw a person up ahead. The person was wearing a long exorcist coat. She briefly wondered why the person was wearing the old silver and black uniform and not the new red and black ones. She thought that the person was a teenage boy, a bit younger than herself. He had his hood pulled over his head, and his back to her.
As she came closer
:iconhypermoyashi:HyperMoyashi 4 10
That silly winged chair by SlurEXE That silly winged chair :iconslurexe:SlurEXE 305 44 Allen and Neah by Dessa-nya Allen and Neah :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 190 16 Neallen by shari07 Neallen :iconshari07:shari07 89 8
A Difficult Love
WARNING: Spoilers to chapter 211
Allen had to flee. He had to run away from that crowd. All those people, children, would die if he didn't.
Everything was going just fine. Until Neah tried to take him over.
Allen fell to his knees and grabbed his heart.
It hurt.
But he wasn't strong enough to stay awake.
Neah knows he better stops trying. But they had both been waiting for each other, if he stopped trying, he would become weaker and they wouldn't be able to talk at all.
But was difficult, Neah carries hate that Allen doesn't feel. Allen doesn't hate humans, doesn't hate akuma.
In fact, he lived for them.
Fate made them suffer.
Why did they have to fight each other?
Why can't they be together?
Allen sat in his room, playing with his red tie.
Link just sat there, writing in his notebook and from time to time, he lifted his head to watch Allen
Heavy footsteps echoed through the hallways. Allen tilted his head, 'three people', he thought. You didn't have to be psychic to
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